Our Services

We offer the following products and services:
For refined fuels (jet fuels, diesels,
automotive, LNG/LPG gas, etc) sourced
directly from refineries in Russia, Kazakhstan
and the Middle East;
Financial payment options (financial
instruments include SBLC, DLC )
Logistics support including tank storage and
Contract review and assistance with
Paymaster services worldwide by licensed
third party paymasters for commission
distribution to intermediaries.

has been operated in Oil trading business to supply & distribute Oil and petroleum
products by executives and employees with experience and expertise in oil business. Our
main customer groups are domestic and international such as cargo ships, tankers, ships
offshore support, warships as well as the land & sea transportation industry.Our services
focus on product quality control and customer service in accordance with international
standards in conducting business with responsibility to all stakeholders including society
and the environment.